Abbreviation Definition
A Amps, or Ampere


Alternating Current

AlphaDamp (company)

AP AudioPipe (company)
AQ AudioQue (company); now known as SoundQubed
AT AudioTechnix (company)
AUX AUXiliary input
BL The magnetic strength of the motor structure in a speaker
CA Car Audio
CCF Closed Cell Foam
CLD Constrained Layer Dampener
dB Decibel
DC Direct Current (or DC Audio - a company)
DD Digital Designs (company)
DMM Digital Multimeter
DVC Dual Voice Coil
EQ Equalizer
F3 The frequency at which the loudness drops 3db in relation to a reference frequency
Fs Free-air resonance of a speaker
HU Head Unit
Hz Hertz
IASCA International Auto Sound Challenge Association
IB Infinite Baffle
ID Image Dynamics (company)

Length of a port in an enclosure

MECA Mobile Electronics Competition Association
MLV Mass Loaded Vinyl
MM Murder Mat
Pe The maximum continuous RMS wattage a speaker is rated to handle
Q The relative damping that an enclosure affects a driver
Qes The amount of control at Fs provided by the magnet and coil
Qms The amount of control at Fs provided by the surround and spider
Qtc The amount of control provided by the air inside an enclosure; Qtc changes with enclosure design
Qts The total Q of a speaker in free-air as Qms and Qes oppose each other
RE Resonant Engineering (company)
RF Rockford Fosgate (company)
RMS Root Mean Squared; the real power put out by an amplifier. This is the power we always use; NOT peak power.
SBN Spring Break Nationals
SDS Sound Deadener Showdown (company)
SPL (Thiele/Small Parameter) The sensitivity of a driver in decibels; usually measured with 1 watt at 1 meter
SPL Sound Pressure Level
SQ Sound Quality
SQ (company) SoundQubed
SQL A mixture of "SQ" and "SPL"
SS Second Skin (company)
SSA Sound Solutions Audio (company)
SVC Single Voice Coil
TA Time Alignment
THD Total Harmonic Distortion
USACi United States Autosound Competition International
V Volt
VAS a volume of air, that when compressed to 1 cubic meter, exerts the same force as the suspension of the speaker
W Watt
Xmax maximum designed linear excursion of a driver (usually one-way)
Z Total impedance of a driver